Spine plugin for construct 3

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Spine add-on for Construct 3

Please support development of the C3 Spine plugin (thanks to all those kind folks who have donated so far!)


Important notes for Spine export files:

Additional Spine project guidelines:

Multiple instances of a C3 Spine Object

Set region action

Custom skins

Slot color/dark color

Render quality

Bounding Box Attachment

Bone control ACEs

Render quality ACE

Share your C3 and Spine plugin work!

Known issues / workarounds

Example export settings

Add-on based on Mikal’s sample from this thread


Current Add-on, Release 1.36.1

Previous Add-on Releases

Sample project

MixAndMatch project

BoundingBox project

BoundingBoxMesh project

AimBoneControl project


Live Demo

Spine Formatter (3.3+ to 3.8 JSON Format)

Useful for Dragon Bones Spine JSON export and earlier Spine versions.

Spine Formatter

Current supported features


Release notes